mandag 1. november 2010

Christmas Stocking

I participated in the Christmas Stocking Swap hosted by Selina. Great fun!
This is the stocking I made for my secret swap friend. I posted it some days ago, but it will travel to a different continent so I guess it will take a while.

Janine in Australia sent me this beautiful stocking and lots of additional goodies. Lucky me! Just my taste of colors. Janine doesn´t have a blog but I hope you pop by here so that I can say....THANK YOU! ......and yes I will try the Vegemite. I´ll save it for another day. Today is Chocolate day!

3 kommentarer:

Deb sa...

Thank you so much for the awesome parcel. I love my stockings so much. I've never owned a stocking before... it's perfect!

Anonym sa...

did you try the vegemite?
think it may be an aquired taste
yhat you need to grow up with!!
glad you liked your stocking. hope you had a wonderful christmas with those near and dear to you.

Catherine sa...

I LOVE the stocking you made.
I'm smiling that someone sent you veggie mite LOL I've never met anyone outside NZ or Australia who liked it - how did you find it?