onsdag 1. august 2007


I love this lovely blue color. The photo is taken in Santa Cruz, California. I would so like to have one in my garden.

3 kommentarer:

johanna sa...

Åhh vilken mysig blogg du har,måste sätta mig o titta igenom när jag kommer hem..
ville bara tacka för din värmande kommentar hos mig+att jag blev nyfiken=)

Mia sa...

Hei, og takk for hyggelig besøk og kommentar i bloggen min.

Jeanne sa...

I love the blue morning glory color that you posted in your blog, too.
When I had those planted a couple of years ago, they bloomed more than
any other color. Why don't they grow in Norway? Have you tried different
varieties? They do well here in the sun and also partly shaded areas. I couldn't reply to your comment as you don't have your email enabled on your profile page.